The Proud mexico Day

Este es un espacio para practicar mi inglés, nada personal je,je,je

Well, it’s a beautiful place, everybody needs to be proud of the country that you’re born, I love Mexico. Yesterday, Andrea Manuel Lopez Obrador celebrated his first “long live Mexico” since National Palace

This “Grito de Dolores” was totally different.  Amlo has a lot of popularity, My stepfather loves him, maybe because he promised to be a different president. I don’t agree however He´s a charismatic president who has a good dialog in all levels population especially on people who have low resources. I don’t believe in Politian because people think like a hero, however this not true. They just want to sit in the power chair.  

I know some people don’t know anything about this celebration. Well, let me explain. September 15th is “Mexican Independence Day”. It’ s called “el grito de Dolores”. Dolores Hidalgo was a priest who started this revolution, the official day was early morning on September 16th. But Porfirio Diaz changed it because his birthday was on September 15th so he decided to change it. Hence each year we celebrate this day.

On this day you can hear “Viva Mexico” “long live Mexico” during the celebration night. Delicious food you can eat like pozole, mole, tostadas, and any good food.


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