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Leave The Remnants of Your Shortcomings Behind

The second issue is that because the faith and commitment Manifestation Sigil Review  to the purposes of Christ have diminished greatly in the Church today, we brush off that little bit of fear as meaningless superstitions passed down from our ancestors. We then throw our faith and commitment to Christ aside, and go ahead and celebrate the holiday of death and darkness. We have forgotten to ask the question, "What part does light have to do with darkness."

Remember, this is just my opinion. You are entitled to yours. You can and should write your own article if you have deep convictions on the subject. I am not writing to offend anyone, but it is likely that someone will be offended. Let me ask in advance that before you carry that offense too long, do your own research and consider the history and roots of Halloween.

In the early days after Christ's death many godly men and women were martyred for their belief in Christ. When faced with certain death they refused to deny their faith in Christ and were eventually brutally martyred. Many pagans gave their lives to Christ when they saw the courage of and commitment of these martyred saints.

The Christian world eventually set aside a day to honor these saints. The day was called All Saints Day. The day was also known as All Hallows Day. And by the way hallow means to honor as holy. How it eventually evolved into what is known as "The Festival of the Dead" is not in the scope of this article, but certainly worth your time to research for more understanding on the subject.

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