Puppy Playground Dog Grooming in Sydney

Puppy Playground Puppy School in Zetland is moving back to face to face small group classes (only 2 adults per dog permitted in class to comply with social distancing) . Classes will continue to run for 1 h per week for 4 weeks.
Cost is $220 per puppy including vouchers to dog day care

Puppy Playground Dog Day Care Boarding Center offers expert dog grooming services in Sydney. We cater all of your grooming needs from washes to tidy ups, full grooms to style cuts.

Our dog groomer in Zetland is experienced and confident with all breeds and styles.

Let our experienced dog groomers use their exceptional skills for amazing makeovers and book your dog in today!


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Book in for Dog Grooming in Zetland Get Free Playtime in our Dog Daycare!

Do You Need to Run Errands? Get Your Dog Groomed Leave Him or Her to Enjoy Nice Playtime with Other Dogs! Our Dog Grooming Services in Zetland Include 3 Hours of Fun and Games with Other Playmates and Lots of Toys!

PS Your Dog Will Enjoy Playtime with Others Before the Grooming So That They Go Home Nice and Clean!

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Personal attention  - Enjoy the undivided attention of our trained dog groomer for every makeover. We pride ourselves to deliver the best dog grooming in Sydney!

Positive Experience  - We pamper your pooch with positive grooming methods, keeping your dog happy stress free. Dog grooming should always be a nice experience!

Dog Daycare for Your  Convenience  - We offer FREE play time in our dog daycare with other dogs and our loving staff. We have large play areas and lots of toys to play with. We aren't just a grooming salon!

Unlike most dog grooming salons in Sydney, we are a real dog daycare with proper facilities, toys and staff to keep every dog ​​happy and well cared for!

Gentle handling  - Our dog groomer is always gentle in her approach. 

Professional products  - We use only professional grooming product sand equipment in our dog grooming salon in Rosebery. We can cater all of your needs from medicated shampoos to natural, gentle on the skin options.

Puppy Playground Dog Grooming in Sydney Includes:


Warm hydro bath using professional dog grooming products

Removing dirt, mats and knots

Tidy ups, Brush outs

Breed specific style clips as well as completely tailored clips

Coat thinning for shedding dogs

Nail Clipping, hygiene paw tidy

Eyes and ear cleaning

Puppy Playground

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